Divi Content Carousel Module

Divi Content Carousel can help you create an interactive slider that includes a title, description, image, button, and more. You have the flexibility to customize these elements to make your website visually engaging and distinctive. By using our content carousel module, you can easily design and arrange various elements, ultimately turning your website visitors into potential customers. Some notable features of this content carousel include:

  • 3D Coverflow Carousel
  • Horizontal & Vertical Navigation
  • Massive Content Option
  • 24 Overlay Effects
  • Trendy Section Layouts
  • Autoplay to Move Slides Automatically
  • Infinite Loop Effect
  • Custom Text Options
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divi content carousel coverflow

Create an Advanced Content Slider or 3D Coverflow Carousel

Our Divi Content Carousel Module has a special feature called 3D cover flow, which sets it apart from others. It lets you create a sophisticated content carousel for Divi or any other 3D Coverflow that works with it.

Now you can easily design an advanced content slider with a 3D appearance and automatic endless sliding. You can also add attractive arrows and page indicators in both vertical and horizontal orientations. This will give your brand a unique touch.

Maximize Information with Our Content Carousel Module

Our content carousel maker has a great feature called Massive Contents. With this feature, you can easily add a title, description, icon, image, and call-to-action button, just like a traditional carousel. But the best part is that you can customize each element exactly how you want it.

What’s even better is that you can make each item look visually appealing by choosing from 24 different overlay effects. This allows you to create a unique design for your Divi website. And if you prefer to do things yourself, don’t worry! We have comprehensive optimizations that will help you out.

divi content carousel coverflow

What makes Divi Content Carousel Slider the Best Choice?

There are a variety of choices available, but what makes us stand out? Our content carousel for Divi Builder is a simple tool to make and showcase anything on your website. The great thing is that you can customize every detail exactly how you want it. It has many features to assist you with any situation or design idea.

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24 Ready Overlay Effects to Choose From

Our content slider module already has 24 overlay effects built-in and ready to use. These effects can enhance the style and sophistication of your brand. If you want a more customized look, you can easily combine different effects. So, start using our slider now for a personalized touch.

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Infinite Loop Effect

With our customizable Infinite Loop feature, you can create visually appealing aesthetics that catch the eye and engage your visitors.

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Trendy Section Layouts

Our content carousel maker includes the popular trendy section layout, making it easy for you to customize your carousel according to your preferences, no matter what your website is about. With this feature, you can effortlessly create a polished showcase for your organization.

divi content carousel features

Our Unique Content Carousel Features for Divi Builder

  • Slider & coverflow carousels
  • 24 distinct overlay effects for the slider
  • Highly customized arrow navigation
  • Attractive pagination with grab icon
  • Use number instead of pagination icon
  • Loop, center slide, hover stage, and more
  • Horizon and vertical pagination direction
  • Place text, icon, image, and button
  • Great typography styler for slider content
  • Customizable wrapping for each piece
  • Personalized text for adding more details
  • Endless looping effect
  • Navigation using arrows and dots
  • Show as many slides as you’d like
  • Set an appropriate space between slides

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Happy Client

It’s the great creation for Divi Builder that I have ever landed my hands on.
I was curious and bought this Divi plugin after hearing about the fame of the post-carousel module but
I find others are also mindblowing. Highly recommended.

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