Divi Post Carousel Module

Introducing the Divi Post Carousel Module: A customizable tool for showcasing your blog content in a stylish slider or coverflow carousel format. This module allows you to easily modify the appearance and functionality of your blog carousel and post displays.

With Divi Blog Post Carousel, you can create a slider that includes the title, content, featured image, category, button, and customizable filters for your desired post category. Enjoy a seamless and visually appealing way to present your blog content!

  • 6 Different Post-Type Filter
  • Custom Post-Type Filter for Slider
  • Full Control Over Post Showcase
  • Powerful Element Orders
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Showcase Your Blog with Divi Post Carousel

With our module, you can display your blog posts in a visually appealing slider or coverflow carousel. Customize it with arrow navigation, pagination, and a loop effect for seamless sliding. The options are endless, allowing you to personalize the carousel and showcase your posts exactly as you want.

The post slider module for Divi is a versatile plugin that captures attention with dynamic and engaging visuals, making your blog content stand out. Take advantage of this powerful feature to elevate your blog and leave a lasting impression on your website visitors.

Responsive Blog Post Carousel for Divi

Every blog post consists of seven important components: title, image, details, author, date, tag, content, and button. Our module empowers you to have full command over each of these elements, from the font style to the arrangement.

You can even customize the sequence in which these elements are displayed and decide whether to display or conceal them according to your preferences. Enjoy a seamless experience across all devices with our responsive blog post slider.

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Why Choose Our Divi Post Carousel Slider?

Our blog carousel module provides all the necessary features to help you easily create an amazing post slider using Divi Builder. You can create a visually appealing, customizable, and engaging blog showcase that grabs the attention of your audience.

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Customize and Showcase Your Blog with Ease

Our Divi post carousel module offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to display your blog content in a visually appealing slider or coverflow carousel style. With this module, you have full control over which parts of the post you want to show, including the title, content, featured image, category, button, and more.


Effortless Browsing Experience

With our post slider module, your blog posts seamlessly transition within the slider or coverflow carousel, providing a seamless and immersive browsing experience. Visitors can easily navigate through your blog content without leaving the page.


Engage Your Audience with a Captivating Slider

Using our blog post carousel module, you can showcase your blog posts in a slider or coverflow carousel format that captures the attention of your website visitors. The visually captivating design and dynamic presentation of your blog content will engage your audience.


Highlight Your Blog in Different Ways

Whether you want to showcase your latest blog posts, highlight specific categories, or feature popular articles, our post slider module provides an easy and efficient solution. It allows you to create blog sliders based on categories and tags or display recent articles.


Flexible Customization Options

The post slider module offers a wide range of customization options. You can include features like navigation arrows, pagination, and autoplay functionality to enhance the user experience and provide a seamless browsing journey.


Responsive and User-Friendly

Our Post Carousel module is responsive and works seamlessly on all devices. It ensures that your blog posts are beautifully displayed and easily accessible to your audience, regardless of the device they are using.

divi post carousel features

Powerful Features with Our Post Carousel:

  • 7 important elements to include in every post
  • Post sliders and coverflow carousels
  • Great typography styler
  • Highly customized arrow navigation aids
  • Adjustable gap between post slides
  • Individually tailored element
  • Adjustable featured image position
  • Autoplay carousel and looping effect
  • Responsive across all devices

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We build the carousel pack focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Our Divi carousel slider modules are the most stable, feature-riched, powerful, and easy to use.

Happy Client

It’s the great creation for Divi Builder that I have ever landed my hands on.
I was curious and bought this Divi plugin after hearing about the fame of the post-carousel module but
I find others are also mindblowing. Highly recommended.

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