Divi Facebook Carousel Module

The Divi Facebook Carousel module is a powerful addon that allows you to visually showcase your Facebook page feeds. With two attractive carousel layouts to choose from, you can easily capture and hold your visitors’ attention.

But wait, there’s more! This module also allows you to add various design elements to your Facebook posts to improve their appearance.

  • 3D Coverflow Carousel
  • Horizontal & Vertical Navigation
  • Massive Content Option
  • 24 Overlay Effects
  • Trendy Section Layouts

Create Attractive Facebook Feed Carousel with Slider or Coverflow

With our FB feed module, you can showcase your Facebook pictures in a dynamic and visually appealing manner using a slider or coverflow carousel. Add stylish arrow navigation, pagination, and a loop effect to ensure smooth and continuous image sliding. Additionally, you have the option to set your images to slide automatically, creating an endless display of your content.

Create Your Dream Design Reality with Divi’s Facebook Carousel

Make your image look better by using clear headings and subheadings that express your vision. You can position the text anywhere on the image and use filter effects to blend it in perfectly with your design. Don’t forget to add an ALT-text to your image to improve its SEO performance.

Why Our Facebook Feed Carousel Module is a Smart Choice?

If you’re looking for the best option to enhance your Facebook feed, our Divi Facebook feed carousel module is the perfect choice. With our module, you can easily showcase your content in an interactive and captivating way, grabbing your audience’s attention. You have complete control over the appearance of your carousel, including attractive navigation, pagination, loop effects, and automatic sliding.


3D Coverflow Carousel

Give your content a visually stunning 3D effect that stands out and captivates your audience.


Horizontal & Vertical Navigation

Choose between horizontal and vertical navigation styles for easy browsing and better user interaction. Whether you prefer a traditional side-to-side scroll or a sleek up-and-down movement, the choice is yours to ensure optimal navigation convenience.


Wide Range of Content Options

Enjoy a variety of content options to showcase your audience. From images and videos to posts, the carousel provides flexibility in displaying your Facebook feed content in the most engaging way possible.


24 Overlay Effects

Add attractive overlay effects to make your carousel even more eye-catching and visually appealing.


Trendy Section Layouts

Access stylish section layouts to make your Facebook feed look modern and appealing. With a variety of trendy section layouts available, you can effortlessly arrange your content in visually pleasing arrangements.


Explore Advanced Divi Facebook Carousel Module Features:

  • Image slider and coverflow carousels
  • Image overlay effects
  • Alluring arrow navigation
  • Attention grabber icon for pagination
  • Individual customizer for title and subtitle
  • Center slide, hover, and more
  • Carousel animation speed controller
  • Adjust the gap between image slides
  • All other regular carousel features
  • Slider shadow effect with customization

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Our Divi carousel slider modules are the most stable, feature-riched, powerful, and easy to use.

Happy Client

It’s the great creation for Divi Builder that I have ever landed my hands on.
I was curious and bought this Divi plugin after hearing about the fame of the post-carousel module but
I find others are also mindblowing. Highly recommended.

Divi Facebook Feed Carosuel

Some Layout

image carousel 1
image carousel 2

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