Divi Product Carousel Module

The Divi Product Carousel Module is a plugin that lets you showcase all your WooCommerce products in a slider with a stylish 3D coverflow effect. This slider allows you to add a custom product filter and comes with five high-quality prebuilt filters to enhance the display of your shop’s products.

  • WooCommerce Integration
  • 6 Different Product-Type Filter
  • Custom Product-Type Filter for Slider
  • Full Control Over Product Selection
divi product carousel
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Increase Engagement with a Dynamic Product Carousel Display

The Divi product carousel slider is an excellent tool that seamlessly integrates with the Divi theme builder. It enables you to create multiple product carousels for your WooCommerce website. Highlight a variety of product categories, including new arrivals, popular items, discounted products, best sellers, and top-rated items.

Moreover, this module offers extensive customization options, making it effortless to design captivating layouts for your carousels. With this powerful feature, you can attract more customers and enhance the visual appeal of your website.

Increase Conversion Rate with Divi Product Carousel for WooCommerce

Every product consists of important components such as the title, description, main image, regular price, and sales price checkout button. Our module empowers you to have full control over all these elements, from the font style to the arrangement.

Additionally, we offer a variety of ready-made designs that can be easily downloaded from our demo page, simplifying the process for designers to create attractive carousels.

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Why Choose Our Product Carousel Module?

This module offers a plethora of distinct features that can greatly enhance the design of your WooCommerce shop. By showcasing your products in an attractive manner, this module can effectively convert users into customers. You can easily create the product carousel of your dreams using this module.


Unique Features

We offer a wide range of unique features that allow you to design your WooCommerce shop with fantastic creativity.


Eye-Catching Product Display

Our module helps convert users into customers by showcasing your products in an eye-catching manner.



Enjoy extensive customization options, including typography styles, arrow navigation, slide gaps adjustment, and individual element customization.



Customize wrapping for each component, determine the number of product sliders, and adjust settings based on device type.


Styling Options

Style product pricing, discounts, add-to-cart functionality, ratings, and add personalized text for additional product details.

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Our module is designed to be user-friendly, making it simple for you to create the product carousel you desire.

divi product carousel features

Advanced Features of Product Carousel Slider for Divi:

  • Several product display categories for show product
  • Product sliders and coverflow carousels
  • Customizable typography styler
  • Highly customized arrow navigation aids
  • Adjustable gap between post slides
  • Customizable indivisual elements
  • Customized padding and margin settings
  • On hover, display or conceal Woo elements
  • Customizable wrapping for each piece
  • Personalized text for adding more product details

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We build the carousel pack focusing on quality rather than quantity.
Our Divi carousel slider modules are the most stable, feature-riched, powerful, and easy to use.

Happy Client

It’s the great creation for Divi Builder that I have ever landed my hands on.
I was curious and bought this Divi plugin after hearing about the fame of the post-carousel module but
I find others are also mindblowing. Highly recommended.

Divi Product Carosuel

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