Many people shop online and use online services these days. But before you buy stuff, use the services, and know the feedback of existing users on the internet, you usually check out the seller first. You want to make sure you’re not wasting your money. You look for reviews from people who already bought the same thing, used the service, and recommendations.  That’s why testimonials on websites are a big deal. They help build trust with folks who are thinking about buying but aren’t quite sure. So, it’s best if real customers write these testimonials. If not, people might not believe them, and that could hurt your business.

What is a Divi Testimonial Carousel 

You might not recognize the fancy word, but I’m sure you’ve come across this thing before. A testimonial slider is basically a little box on a website that shows what customers are saying about a product. You know, those comments like, “I really like this product! It made my life easier!” That’s the kind of stuff that grabs your attention and makes you stay on the site.

Create testimonial sliders with the Divi Carousel Testimonial Module

Want to make cool testimonial sliders for your WordPress website? Well, you can do it easily with the Divi Carousel Testimonial Module. Here are 5 good reasons why you should use this module:

  1. It’s simple to learn how to use the plugin.
  2. You don’t need to know any coding stuff to make awesome testimonial sliders.
  3. You can design your slider any way you like.
  4. It works well on mobile devices, so everyone can see it.
  5. You can easily edit your slides by just dragging and dropping them.

Divi Testimonial helps you make fantastic WordPress testimonial sliders that actually work. There are two types to choose from: 3D Cover Flow and Slider. Give it a try and make your website shine!

Display your testimonials using a dynamic slide generator

The dynamic slide generator is one of the most amazing features of the Testimonial Module. You can add any new item with details, like rating, name, and designation, and has lots of features. It can be 3D coverflow or can be a slider. How’s that going to help to make changes in your testimonial slider fast and easily? I’m glad you asked.

Divi testimonial slider examples

Now that you know why having a testimonial slider on your website is a good idea, let’s check out some awesome examples. These examples were made using Divi Testimonial Carousel, and if you like them, you can easily add them to your own website.

Static Divi Testimonial


Simple Testimonial

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Simple Testimonial


Enhance your Divi Testimonial with elegant navigation features. Make your testimonials even more appealing and user-friendly on your website.

Divi Testimonial Showcase

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Divi Testimonial includes a showcase feature along with designations. This allows you to highlight and display testimonials from your clients or customers along with their respective job titles or roles, adding credibility and context to their feedback.

Testimonial with Rating

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Divi Testimonial with Rating is a feature-rich tool that allows you to showcase customer testimonials along with ratings on your website. It adds credibility and helps potential customers make informed decisions based on real feedback from others.

You can build this Testimonial Carousel in Free by using our Plugin

Questions about testimonial carousels

What’s a testimonial carousel, and how does it work?

A testimonial carousel on a website is like a slideshow that shows different customer reviews. It’s usually put on the homepage or a product/service page to show potential customers what others are saying. These reviews are usually in a little box that scrolls to display different comments.

How can I put a testimonial carousel on my website?

Depending on the website platform you use, there are different ways to add a testimonial carousel.

You can find easy-to-use widgets or plugins for testimonial carousels from website builders. Or, if you want something unique, you can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create your own.

Why should I use a testimonial carousel on my website?

A testimonial carousel helps show that other people like your product or service, which builds trust and can increase sales. It also boosts your brand’s reputation by featuring real customer reviews and positive comments.

What are some tips for making a good testimonial carousel?

Here are some things to keep in mind: Use real and relevant testimonials that your target audience can relate to. Pick a design that matches your brand’s style. Don’t overload it with too many testimonials. Adding pictures or logos can make the testimonials more believable.

How many testimonials should I include in a carousel?

It depends on your website and what you’re selling. Usually, it’s a good idea to show 3 to 6 testimonials. You don’t want to overwhelm visitors with too much information.

What kind of testimonials should I put in a carousel?

Include testimonials that relate to your products or services and highlight their best features. It’s good to have a mix of testimonials, from people who loved your product to those who initially had doubts but were impressed.

Is it a good idea to include photos or visuals with testimonials?

Yes, adding images or other visuals can make testimonials more credible. It personalizes them and adds authenticity.

How do I make sure the testimonials in my carousel are real and trustworthy?

To make sure the testimonials are genuine, contact your customers and ask if you can use their reviews. Include their name, photo, and other identifying details with their testimonial.

Can you give some examples of effective testimonial carousels on other websites?

Good testimonial carousels usually have high-quality and relevant testimonials, a simple design, and visuals like images or logos. You can check out examples on websites like ASOS and Trello.

How can I know if my testimonial carousel is working well in terms of engagement and sales?

You can use website analytics tools to track metrics like click-through rates and how long people stay on the page. To get feedback, you can also run A/B tests or surveys with your audience.

In conclusion, testimonials are powerful for your website. They speak for your product or service and can turn potential customers into happy buyers. Create an easy-to-access testimonial carousel with tools like Real Testimonials and put it on your website, blog, or app. Use this tool to grow your customer base and boost your business.